Friday, January 17, 2014

Weird Dreams.

(this picture doesn't belong to me, but I wish it did)
I dream very vividly and often. Maybe I just get really good sleep or something, I don't know. But I thought I would share some of my weirdo dreams with you.

First of all, I have reoccurring dreams. Well, it's not so much that I dream the same exact dream, more like the same basic dream. So different things will happen in the dream, but the concept and/or location are the same. I have farm dreams, pool dreams, ocean dreams, mountain dreams, and secret passage dreams.

Farm Dreams

Farm dreams always take place at my grandparents' farm outside of Pendleton. The thing that makes these dreams strange is that the surrounding area is usually really populated or lots of people go there for recreation. Like there are businesses and train stations. If you've ever been to the farm, you know that it's out in the middle of nowhere so you really feel like you're away from it all. I usually fly in these dreams, too. But lately there have been really popular swimming areas at the farm and sometimes the wheat fields are the Columbia River.

The other really odd things about these dreams are that my siblings and mom have them, too! Theirs are a bit different though. Some of them have farm dreams that are apocalyptic!

So last night I had a farm dream. It went something like this:

My family and I were going to go swimming down at the river. On the way there, Joe (my brother-in-law) was really upset because Cindy was hanging out with Cinna (from the Hunger Games). She wouldn't stop hanging out with him even though it was making Joe mad. (For the record, Cindy making Joe jealous is sooo not something I think she would do). When I finally got to the water, it was dark and cold outside, so I couldn't swim. That part made me quite annoyed. Then the dream changed and it was the next day or something. We went down the dirt road eastward to a different spot on the river. To get to the river, we had to walk through some brush. Among the brush were calf brain mushrooms.
(also not my picture)
When we got to the water and stepped in, I noticed there were calf brains in the water, too! They were attached to the rocks like sea sponges or anemones! That's when I also noticed they were attached to my ankles. I frantically tried to pull them off, but when I did, I could only really get the fruit of the mushroom detached. It was very painful when I tried to pull out the roots, so I gave up. A little while later I looked down and saw that one was trying to attach itself to my right thumb. I discovered that the calf brains attached by sending out a poisonous thread that would numb the skin and then burrow itself in you until it was secure. Luckily, I got the one off my thumb before it got in too deep. We finally decided to walk back up to the house and as we were walking I saw that all the calf brains were gone! I was so relieved to have them gone, but my ankle was pretty swollen.

Anyway, that's the kind of stuff I dream about. Very vividly. Farm dreams are the only kind of dreams I'm going to cover today. But stay tuned, because I dream almost every night!