Saturday, January 18, 2014

New Antiques!

Last night I got some serious treasures when Matt's grandparents came over to my in-laws' house. They came over because my sister-in-law, Stephanie, turned 19 and we had cake and ice cream about it. After we finished eating, Grandma Knight said, "Let's play 'What's in Grandma's Crazy Grab-bag!'" In the bag she had some stuff they didn't use anymore, but thought we might like to have. Otherwise it was all going to the thrift store. 

In my opinion, I made out like a bandit! The treasure pictured above is a citrus juicer. You lift the handle, put a piece of citrus fruit in, and squeeze the handle all the way down. Then you pour the juice out of the spout!
This used to belong to Grandma Knight's mom. She used to sell WearEver Aluminum products. Basically these were like Pampered Chef items, but way cooler and way before Pampered Chef came around. In fact, WearEver revolutionized the way people cooked by introducing aluminum into cookware and bake ware. A lightweight metal that would seemingly wear forever? Awesome! *Update: Don't use aluminum cookware because you can get Alzheimer's from it!*Grandma Knight's mom would host dinners using her WearEver products and see who she could sell them to.

My other treasure used to be Grandpa Knight's mother's (but maybe his father's...). It's just a tea pot, right? No, the glorious thing about this tea pot is that it's electric. I suppose the idea was that if you went to a motel or something and you wanted to have some coffee or tea, you would just fill it up with water and whatever else and plug it in! If you look on the bottom right of the pot, there's a little place where you attach the electric cord. Pretty cool, huh? I thought so.