Tuesday, March 18, 2014

Getting you up to speed

It's been quite a while since I've made a post. I suppose I should tell you what's going on in my life.

Honestly, things have been kind of crazy lately! Word to the wise: get identity theft protection. It doesn't matter if you think you are careful. Identity theft can happen to anyone! That's all I will say on the subject for now. Just be warned.

I am officially going to BYU-Idaho starting this fall! I've been accepted and received my track assignment: Spring/Fall. I can apply to get into the nursing program next Spring and then hopefully start in Fall 2015.

You may wonder, why nursing? Well, I'll tell you. The human body is incredible! Life is very complex (in every way, but specifically in the biological sense). One could spend a lifetime learning and studying the most simple unit in our body, the cell. The more I learn about the body, the more in awe I am about our design--the more in awe I am with the greatness of God. I'm also excited to be a nurse because I really do love caring for people. Especially in a physical way. For example, once my dad fell in our driveway and hit his head on the car and then the gravel. He had a pretty big bump and was really scraped up on his head. It made me feel good that I knew how to clean his wound and knew that I needed to find out if he had a concussion. It also made me feel good that I could respond in a level-headed way. Now I know this wasn't a huge medical emergency by any means, but I think this combined with my interest in the human body shows that I am the right kind of person for a nursing career.

Back to things being crazy: Handling money is a tough thing to do! That is one thing I really don't enjoy about being an adult. Paying bills stinks! Working all the time and then using your money for non-fun things stinks! Budgeting stinks! Debt stinks! But I think debt stinks more than the other things, so that's why I continue to do the other things. Money gets scary when you think about all the things you need to pay for and how much money you actually have. But Matt and I are working through all of this. It takes a lot of faith and my LDS readers will understand what I mean when I say paying tithing really helps! It seems like it would be counterproductive, but it actually isn't. So if you're worried about money, pay your tithing! (learn more about tithing here)

Also, I am excited to go to Pendleton this week to visit my family! I love my hometown and state.