Wednesday, January 15, 2014

New things.

I've been pretty excited about new things lately. So I want to post about them. You might have noticed right off the bat that there are now polka dots in the background! I love them!

Also, I cut my hair very short! Pixie! As you can see, I took a bunch of selfies. No shame, guys. No shame.

So that's what I look like now. Sometimes I have more product in my hair, and sometimes I try to put it up into a pompadour. But I don't have the right kind of product to do it justice yet (in my opinion).

Another thing that's new is my phone. I got an LG G2. I like it! It's lots of fun and I especially enjoy the camera.

This is not my picture, so that's why it says Verizon on the back. Matt and I switched to T-Mobile because they were running a great deal and we didn't like AT&T. Plus, no stinking contract this time! Yeehaw!

A picture I like that I took with the camera (the pictures above were also taken with the camera on the phone):

I guess I like it because the picture is sharp and detailed and it's a picture of the quilt my grandma made me for my high school graduation. It was one of the very last quilts she made (now she has Alzheimer's and doesn't make quilts anymore).

I also got contacts! Yay! See above pictures.

And finally, I am applying to BYU-Idaho so that Matt and I can go there in the fall. That's right, go there. Like to Rexburg. That should be fun going to a real university again! I've heard great things about BYU-Idaho, so I'm pretty excited.

Woohoo for a bunch of exciting new things in my life! New things for the new year!