Friday, September 27, 2013


Hello! It's been a very long time since I've posted anything. So I just started school again, right? I used to go to BYU in Provo, but now I'm going to College of Western Idaho in...Nampa. Nampa is kind of the bum-hole of the Boise area, in my opinion. Some parts are okay, but other parts are kind of creepy and weird. I would find a picture for you, but nothing can do it justice. So let's set aside the fact that Nampa is weird and talk about CWI vs. BYU.

So here's BYU. It's beautiful, and it's large. There's lots of pictures you can look up about it, so I'll let you do that if you really don't know what it looks like already.

In BYU, you get some classes of this size. But in CWI...

File:Spanish classroom photo 3.png really looks a lot more like this. Except maybe not so enthusiastic.

Here is one of the few buildings we have.

Sometimes I feel like this at CWI:

But at BYU, I felt more like this:

And during tests:

(P.S: Please watch Good Burger if you haven't. It's one of the finer pieces of film literature.)

So anyways, yeah, both schools have different pros and cons. For me, CWI is great right now. It's cheap and it's close and I can become a nurse quickly and then work my way up the nursing ladder. Parfait! Also, I like have smaller class sizes! The professors actually care about me so I don't feel like I'm drowning in anonymity.

Another thing that's contributing to my liking school better now is that my study habits have changed. After a year at BYU of just trying to scrape by doing the minimum amount of work, I've decided that I'd like to really gain something from my education. What's the point of spending all of this time and money just for a piece of paper that says I'm educated without any knowledge to back it up? So I'm working hard! And so far it's paying off.