Sunday, July 20, 2014

Summer so far

Here's some pictures of my summer so far:

Matt and I went to a Brookhart family reunion (his mom's family) and took a few photos underneath a tree that his uncle planted in his grandma's front yard.

Matt is very handsome.
I tried my hand at home-made gum drops. Let's just say they look better than they taste and are basically jello jigglers.

The Big 4th of July Swim! In my family, we put "the big" in front of most activities we're going to do. Like the big feast, the big swim, the big hike, etc.
The swimming hole this year is prime! Deep and cool.
On the way to the Big Swim, I found some daisies growing in the rocks in an empty river bed channel.

Matt makes this really hilarious face when he is pretending to be super sad. Hahaha! Look at that eye!

The Big 4th of July Frog Hunt! This actually turned out to be rather disastrous. Cara had a good time, but Faith got cut by a plant that she was slightly allergic to, Cara cut her toe on a blackberry brier, the dog kept scaring all of the frogs, we got tons of mosquito bites, and we didn't catch any frogs.
One night after work, Matt and I drove up to Tablerock in Boise and looked out over the town, enjoying a warm summer breeze.
It's a rare occasion when almost all of my nieces and nephews are together. But what's even more rare is that we got them to hold relatively still long enough to take a picture! Luckily I had Adam standing behind me making goofy faces and "bunny ears" to keep their attention.